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Appreciate Paraguay’s breathtaking natural landscapes, meet local people and artisans in various communities, learn about the complex historical events that have formed Paraguay, and gain an appreciation for the countries rich traditions and customs.

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Iguazu Falls

Experience the breathtaking majesty and beauty of Iguazu Falls. With cascades as far as the eye can see, the magnificent spectacle has awed tourists, locals and indigenous inhabitants for centuries. For an extra bit of excitement, take the jet boat to the base of the falls.

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Client Love!

Sitting at my desk at work sipping mate. Just wanted to thank you for the incredible time. It is hard to express my gratitude for the caring and special way you treated us. Our trip was a really enjoyable and profound experience and you guys can take credit for that, and we are grateful. If you ever get to, or want to come east..please contact us..we can translate the Bahston language for you.

~ Steve, Boston

We had a tremendous time and thank you both for the personal attention that you gave to all of us in the exploration of Paraguay. As we review pictures and tell the story to friends and family, it's so fun to remember all the great sights and things that we experienced. It was the heart and soul version of Paraguay...and the girls, especially will treasure the memories.

The four days in Asuncion and the time with her [birth] family is still a very emotional and life changing event for all of us. Tracy, I thank you so much for being there and translating. beyond the call of duty, the heart and soul of what was happening. The pictures don't capture the true emotion ....but we will never forget.

Thanks again for a tremendous job.

<~ Terry, Minneapolis

We had a WONDERFUL trip. Thanks so much for all of your help. It made a huge difference to have your tour-design expertise. The trip was a perfect blend of rural and city, natural and man-made, Spanish and Guarani, historical and modern, people, food, sights. I feel Mike, Cindy, and I fit an enormous amount into to a relatively short stay but without tiring ourselves out -- Carmen, Asuncion, Itaipu, the Iguazu bird sanctuary, jungle tour and boat ride, the churches, the abuela (she was a trip), nanduti, and Rosa's clay artwork.

~ LF, Pennsylvania

I just want to thank you for making our trip the best experience of my life. Your warm, friendly support through all of the emotions and up's and down's of the entire experience are so much appreciated.

You might have started out just picking up some strangers at the airport for a simple "3 hour tour ,"and all of the sudden you were helping to make life changing experiences with them.

This weekend we were with a few families going over the trip and looking at the pictures. We were asked if you were that wonderful because we were from MN or had met us before. We all chimed in together that is was just because you guys are who you are. We would like to believe that it was because we just hit it off, but then who would not hit it off with you guys.

You made us feel like a part of your family. You treated us like gold. Far above and beyond what you needed to do. The help that you gave us with our birth families is irreplaceable to us and we will remember it for the rest of our lives.

When you can only order a cold beer and find the bathroom in another language, you feel so helpless. You helped us connect. For [our daughter] it is a gift that she along with us, will cherish in our hearts forever.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH.

~ Pat, Minnesota

It was spectacular. These are incredible experiences and I will really encourage other folks to try it out. The kids loved it. This is one of my favorite family trips ever. Thank you for making it happen.

~ Emily, New York