Trico Tours is a small tour company. Intentionally.


Our Mission

Tracy Gorman performing Paraguayan dance at the Science Museum of MN

Our mission is to create cultural connections and offer tours that foster an appreciation for the people, communities and culture of Paraguay.

Trico Tours was founded in 2004 by Tracy Gorman. Tracy had been performing and offering cultural presentations with Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter for schools, libraries, companies and other audiences in Minnesota. In 2004, we returned to live in Paraguay and invited people to have cultural experiences!  Soon we were being contacted by individuals and families from throughout the US and Canada. We have provided tours and travel consultations for families that have adopted children from Paraguay, church groups, senior explorers, musicians, and many individuals and families with a desire to experience world cultures.


Our Approach

Tracy Gorman at Iguazu Falls with children adopted from Paraguay on their first visit to their birth country.

Our tours are carefully and thoughtfully planned and our itineraries are as varied as our guests - we have never done the same trip twice because each group is comprised of individuals with their own unique interests. We communicate with each of our guests prior to planning your itinerary to learn about your preferred travel style, hobbies and interests, whether it be bird-watching, horseback riding, architecture or playing soccer, and take pride in providing personalized and memorable experiences.

"We consider it a great honor, as well as a profound responsibility, to ensure your travel experience is a positive one. When you entrust us with planning your international travel experience we understand we are helping create first impressions of a culture and memories that will last a lifetime."


Our Values and Commitments

Heart and Soul

We have a deep respect for the local culture. We are committed to creating itineraries that allow you to experience the heart and soul of the culture. Unlike other tour companies, we don’t just take you to the shops in each town to view local handicrafts, we will take you to the homes of the artisans so you can meet them personally, see how they make their crafts, and understand where and how they live and how the tradition of folk art has passed from generation to generation.

Culture and Learning

Trico Tour guides are knowledgeable about the local culture and most travelers learn a tremendous amount about the sites and the culture. We also engage local step-on guides to share their in-depth knowledge of specific historical sites, areas, or activities. Many travelers express that through exploring other traditions and cultures, they gain a greater understanding of themselves and their own culture, as well.

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits of having Trico Tours assist in planning your trip is peace of mind. Our trip planners are well-informed and reliable. This is particularly valuable in less-developed countries where a lack of infrastructure and an alternative sense of time and reliability can make independent travel more of an ordeal than a vacation. (Of course, whenever traveling and experiencing another culture, it’s always good to maintain a spirit of adaptability and a healthy sense of humor.)