Day Tours from Asuncion

Circuito de Oro (Golden Circuit) and Beyond

Experience a rich combination of handicrafts, culture, history and nature.

The town on the Circuito de Oro (golden circuit) will allow you to appreciate the beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages and rich craftsmanship of the region, as well as gain an understanding of the historical events, such as the  War of the Triple Alliance and the Franciscan church presence, that have influenced and made a lasting impression on the art and culture of Paraguay.

To fully appreciate the richness of this region, we suggest visiting 4-5 towns in a full day.

Private Custom Day Tours

We specialize in providing private custom tours based on your interests. Tell us about your interests by completing the questions on our day tour request form or contact us directly at +1-612-598-7507 (mobile and WhatsApp).

Featured Day Tours

While all our tours are custom, the following day tours are examples of itineraries others have requested and you might enjoy.

History & Folklore Day Tour
Capiatá, Itaguá, Caacupe, Altos, San Bernardino (7-9 hours)
Explore various aspects of Paraguayan history, traditions and folklore, including the Basilica in Caacupe, the mythological museum, and homes of artisans that maintain folk art traditions.

Artisan Appreciation Day Tour
Itá, Itaguá, Aregua (5-7 hours)
Popular art is one of the most important manifestations of culture in Paraguay. Have the unique experience of visiting the homes and workshops of artisans who have maintained folk art traditions through the generations.

Lake Ypacarai Day Tour
San Bernardino Itaguá, Aregua (5-7 hours)
Lake Ypacarai is internationally known because of the song “Recuerdos de Ypacarai”. The towns on the shores of Lago Ypacarai, the only large lake in the region, have been a favorite vacation spots for Paraguayans for over a century.

Franciscan History & Artisan Day Tour
Itá, Yaguarón, Caacupe, Itaguá, Areguá (7-9 hours)
Gain insight into the history and influence of the Franciscan church, as well as appreciation for the unique artisan crafts and beautiful landscapes of the region.

Ten Towns Tour
Itaguá, Itá, Yaguarón, Paraguarí, Piribebuy, Caacupe, Atyra, Altos, San Bernardino, Luque (10 hours)
This tour is for those travelers that want to see as much as possible in a day.

Ybycuí National Park
Ybycuí National Park (8-9 hours)
This well-maintained National Park features walking trails with lush vegetation, crystalline streams, impressive waterfalls, and remains of the first iron foundry in the country.

Estancia Experience
Estancia in the Cordillera (6-9 hours for day trip, or several days for vacation)
Visit an estancia located about 1.5 hours from Asuncion where you can enjoy horseback riding (even herding cattle), swimming pool, tennis, hiking and excellent meals.

Salto Cristal and La Colmena
Salto Cristal is a remote waterfall hidden in the countryside with cascades 45 meters high and absolutely spectacular. En route, visit La Colmena, the first Japanese colony in Paraguay.